We take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.



We always respect the urgency of your projects.



We can offer advice on cultural and linguistic contexts.



We follow translation quality standards (UNE-EN-15038).



Native translators and voice talents with extensive experience.



We act as an extension of your company, so your objectives are our objectives.

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OBC focuses on online video, so we don’t really have frontiers, and that means we have to adapt our audiovisual productions to different markets and countries. Trágora gives us a comprehensive solution which really makes our everyday work easier, as they take care of both translating content and then producing voice recordings. They are fast and proactive, and always meet their deadlines (sometimes they even deliver early). Open Box Channel

We rely on Trágora, because thanks to their translation team and their associate native speakers, they can offer the professional attention, service and results that our own company and our customers need. Also, the immediacy of their service means that Trágora is always our preferred choice. Lemon Audiovisual

We are a production company, customers of Trágora for several years now, and they have never given us anything to complain about. They are efficient, friendly, ready to deal with any need, and can call on a large number of professional voice artists and translators in many different languages. We can recommend them! 3tréboles

My experience with Trágora has always been exceptional. They are professional, flexible and fast in their response to any queries. I have used their voice-over service on several occasions, requesting male or female voices in different languages, and their portfolio of voice actors, the translation, the synchronisation and the quality of the recordings has always exceeded our clients’ expectations. I strongly recommend their services. Dani Trujillo – Independent producer

We are an agency in Mexico City, producing a wide range of video projects for well-known brands, and we have always found Tragora to be a great ally – despite the distance, they have helped us resolve our need for voice-overs, whether male or female, in different languages, with punctual deliveries, competitive prices, and great customer services. 2CCOM Agency

We have worked with Trágora since 2007 and their response has always been highly satisfactory. Luxor Multimedia

Obliging, quick, and with attention to detail. It’s a great combination. Manigua

They are fast and efficient. SCA San Sebastián

We have found them to be a team of professionals committed to quality and a job well done. We are very satisfied with your translation services. Mercagranada

It has been a pleasure to work with Trágora Traducciones. Both the translations and the voice work are done perfectly, and their customer relations are very good. Arsoft

I have had the opportunity to use Trágora’s professional services on several occasions, for different clients. All of them have been completely satisfied. Their ability to understand the best approach for each job, their professionalism and reliability, and their turnaround time are always a guarantee of success. Travel Internet Consulting

The service is excellent and fast, the work is delivered on time, and their attitude is professional. FP Studio

 I think “efficiency” would be the best synonym of Trágora. El Garatge de casa

After trying out 10 localisation and dubbing companies, we now rely on Trágora for most of our jobs. They are very fast, effective, and their prices are amazing. Social Point

A terrific translation service, and pretty quick. They adapt to your needs and look for the best option to offer a quality result. Wanna Film Makers

In the years we have been working with Trágora, they have demonstrated commitment, efficiency and professionalism, and have been very easy to work with. All we can say is many thanks. Pixel Studio

A professional, efficient service which responds to the needs of each production, whether straightforward or complex. Goya Producciones

Very professional, efficient and fast working, they always deliver on time. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work with Trágora. Minicool

Everything was perfect, very fast and at a good price. No Wand Studios

Trágora has provided several highly specialised academic translations for me, both from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. In each case, the work was presented before the deadline. I would not hesitate to work with Trágora again, and I always recommend the company to anyone who asks. Congratulations on your professionalism and dedication. Victoria Stapells – Independent researcher

Trágora has provided a high quality translation service for us, showing themselves to be extremely professional. Rigorous compliance with the established delivery dates. Congratulations on your excellent work! María C. – Researcher (University of Granada)

I have had the opportunity to work with Trágora several times. They have always delivered their translations on the agreed date, and most often earlier. No reviewer has ever pointed out any translation errors to me in reports on articles translated by Trágora. Antonio Muñoz – Researcher (University of Granada)

The quality of the revisions, translations, etc., is highly recommendable. Pedro Aparicio – Researcher (Public University of Navarra)

I am very satisfied with the English proof-reading done by Trágora, whether in scientific articles in the field of molecular biology, or in the philosophy of science. Specifically, I appreciate their quality, prices, punctual delivery and customer service. Jordi Gómez – Researcher (IPB López-Neyra)

Excellent revision service for scientific articles. Tomás Recio – Researcher (University of Cantabria)

A very good professional service and a high level of quality for revisions of scientific articles in English. Juan Antonio Torrents – Researcher (Polytechnic University of Catalunya)

Good customer support and prompt delivery. Enric Corbera Institute S.L.

Our experience with Trágora Traducciones has been truly positive. We can talk to them in a straightforward way, and they have always been very professional in their response. Our company now works only with them, thanks to their professionalism, efficiency, and personal contact. – Industrial Precision Tools, S.L.

We are your translation and voice over agency

  • More than 10 years’ experience in translation and voice over recording
  • Very competitive rates within the international market
  • Guaranteed quality assurance (we follow the UNE-EN-15038 standard)
  • Qualified native translators and voice talents
  • Approachable, professional and fast.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


We work for audiovisual producers and companies looking for a language partner to launch their productions in other countries – these can include films, TV series, company videos, educational videos, documentaries, reports, etc. We are aware of the fast pace of this market and can turn around our projects in record time.


We work with web and graphic design agencies and companies, helping in the translation of website content, online shops, blogs and web applications, as well as in SEO translation. When a multilingual website or application is created, it’s important not just to think of the target language, but also the target culture.


We work for advertising and media agencies, translating digital content, advertising campaigns, promotional videos, radio and TV adverts, Internet adverts, newsletter content, leaflets, brochures and other corporate material for their customers’ companies.


We work for video game and online game developers, distributors and companies looking for localized content that enables players from the target culture to benefit from the same level of enjoyment as players from the culture in which the game was created. It’s tricky, but we can manage it.  Let the challenge begin!

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