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Specialists in audio description for the blind and visually impaired.

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    People who are blind or have some kind of visual impairment can enjoy the contents of any audiovisual production or content thanks to audio description techniques. Our audio description services consist of describing over audio an audio description script (ADS), as detailed as possible, everything the blind or visually impaired person can’t perceive from the image that appears on screen.

    This is an example of Spanish Audio Description: 

    Audio description company

    Our professional audio description company offers the complete process or parts thereof when it comes to audio describing a video:

    • We analyze the full work to be audio described to identify the challenges and propose solutions.
    • We elaborate the audio description script (ADS) according to the requirements demanded by Standard UNE 153.020 of audio description quality. We insert the necessary timestamps to create the text phrases and start audio describing the scenes.
    • Once the script is created, a second professional takes care of reviewing and correcting the script giving it a second look to make sure it meets all required quality standards.
    • We go on to record the audio description script in a professional studio drawing from our wide repertoire of audio description script voice artists at your service (recording of audio descriptions).
    • We finish the process bymixing and mastering the final product for delivery to the client.

    You can count on us to make any audiovisual content accessible.

    In the years we have been working with Trágora, they have demonstrated commitment, efficiency and professionalism, and have been very easy to work with. All we can say is, many thanks

    Sergi Vila

    El Gararge de Casa, productora

    Professional Audio description

    At Trágora, we have 10 years’ experience working in the field of audiovisual accessibility in compliance with the requirements of Standard UNE 153020:2005 regulating professional audio description.

    • Audio description for films (full-length features and shorts)
    • Audio description for television series
    • Audio description for documentaries
    • Audio description for Internet videos
    • Audio description for e-learning courses
    • Audio description for interviews
    • Audio description of audio guides for the blind
    • Audio description of tourist routes for the blind
    • Audio description for museums for the blind
    • Audio description for expo centres
    • Audio description for festivals
    • Audio description for YouTube videos

    We’re also specialists in subtitles for the deaf or closed captions for any kind of audiovisual work.

    Extended audio description

    Apart from the most typical audio description services we offer a new service: extended audio description. When the silence gaps are very short during all the video, we propose to stop the video to include the audiodescription when needed. This is not valid for TV or cinema, but it is for any internet video. 

    Audio description rates

    We offer very competitive rates for audio description services. The price will always depend on many factors such as: 

    • Video lenght
    • Audiovisual gender (it’s not the same a thriller than a comedy)
    • The amount of silence gaps in the audio
    • The deadline
    • The voice selected to do the recording

    Get a free custom quote!

    Audio description quote

    If you’d like an audio description quote, the procedure is very simple:

    Write to us and tell us about your project. Tell us whether you need just the audio description script or if you prefer we take care of the whole project (voice work and editing).

    We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and study the technical needs and resources we’ll need to employ to offer you the highest-quality job.

    We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

    Script translation

    We translate your script into any language!

    ​A professional, efficient service which responds to the needs of each production, whether straightforward or complex.

    Juan Barjau

    Travel Internet Consulting

    Voices for audio description

    Browse our online voice bank

    Script Production

    Our description writer accesses the digitized program and carefully reviews it, noting the gaps in the dialogue where descriptions could go. The writer then crafts clear, concise, objective descriptions to provide the most essential information within the limited time available. Not all gaps in the dialogue are filled with descriptions; only those where description would truly add to the comprehension of the program. The description writer also sets the specific timecodes within the program where the description would begin and end, making sure that the speaking rate of the proposed descriptions is consistent with the tone and pace of the program.

    Script Review

    Upon completion of the script, the description writer performs an initial review, watching the program in real time with the text of the script appearing at the specified timecodes. 


    Using high quality digital recording equipment in soundproof booths, our voice talent records each of the descriptions within the specified timecodes. T

    Narration Review

    Upon completion of the narration, the voice talent performs a full review of each of the narrated descriptions. An audio description manager then performs a second review of the narration and, to the extent necessary, the voice talent re-records particular descriptions.


    Our audio engineers combine the description-only track with the original program audio, resulting in a fully mixed broadcast-quality audio description track.

    Audiodescripción para ciegos

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