E-commerce translation services

Experts in e-commerce translation services. We speak your customers’ language.

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    You have a fantastic e-commerce site, magnificent products and spectacular content. Great! But… there are millions of potential customers the world over who don’t know about your products because your online store doesn’t speak their language.

    If you want to translate your e-commerce site and make your online store available in other languages, our translation company can help you! With over 10 years’ experience in the translation market, our professional translators specializing in e-commerce will help you:

    • Reach more potential customers by speaking their language
    • Adapt the contents of your store to the local market for each country
    • Significantly increase visitor traffic and leads
    • Gain a return on investment by generating more sales

    PrestaShop translation services

    Get to know our PrestaShop translation services. Trágora offers three ways to work when it comes to building your multilingual online store:

    • Translating in Word: Send us the texts you need translated and we’ll return the content of your webs store in the languages you need.
    • Translating the files: Export the website’s files to a format we can work with such as .PO, .CSV, .XLIFF or .XML and we’ll translate it.
    • Translating an online store in PrestaShop: Give us access to the translation module and we’ll edit the contents ourselves (only available in some language combinations and type of project).

    We manage multilingual online stores, we work with tight deadlines and we offer some of the most competitive fees on the market.

    Start your internationalization strategy in multiple countries right now. Millions of customers await you!


    We rely on Trágora, because thanks to their translation team and their associate native speakers, they can offer the professional attention, service and results that our own company and our customers need. Also, the immediacy of their service means that Trágora is always our preferred choice.

    Adrian Johson

    Lemon Audiovisual

    E-commerce website translation

    You can count on our professional e-commerce website translations at an unbeatable price. How can we help you?

    • Translating the full interface of your online store
    • Translating product descriptions
    • Translating your product catalogue
    • Translating the registration and purchase process
    • Translating product updates
    • Translating advertising and marketing copy
    • Translating your content for international SEO
    • Translating product attributes and characteristics

    Our professional translators know the local market you’re getting into and they know how to internationalize the contents of your store to reach the target audience from the get-go, not only their language, but their culture, habits and customs.

    E-commerce translation quote

    Want us to translate your online store? Request an e-commerce translation quote, the procedure is very simple:

    Send us the text you need to translate and tell us the languages you wish to translate it into. We’ll give you an assessment with no commitment before translating your online store.

    We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and study the technical needs and resources we’ll need to employ to offer you the highest-quality job.

    We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

    Very professional, efficient and fast working, they always deliver on time. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work with Trágora.

    Judith Martínez


    SEO translation included!

    You can count on it!

    The service is excellent and fast, the work is delivered on time, and their attitude is professional.

    Pablo García

    FP Studio

    Professional e-commerce translators

    We are professional e-commerce translators specializing in all kinds of areas: handmade goods, gift items, advertising articles, maternity and infants, video games, costumes, education, electronics, DIY projects, plants, home, hospitality, IT, jewellery, furniture, fashion, motors, music, office, health and beauty, technology, travel, etc.

    We work with over 50 languages: European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, British English, American English, German, European French, Canadian French, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… and many more!

    e-commerce translation services

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