E-learning voice over

Specialists in e-learning voice over. Translation of scripts for voice over.

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Our company has over 10 years of experience in e-learning voice over for courses and tutorials. We offer a wide range of national and international professional voice artists to give your e-learning courses a voice.

We work with over 50 languages: European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, British English, American English, German, European French, Canadian French, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… and many more!

Voice over for e-learning

We have over 200 artists for voice over for e-learning ready to lend their voice to your project. Whether it’s a 5000-word or 5-hour course, we have the resources to show you the quality of our voices and our work.

Our voice artists record from their country in their home studio at professional studio quality. We also have agreements with recording studios in different countries. Our voices will achieve the effect you’re looking for. One voice artist can use different registers to adapt to the style your brand needs. Do you need a warm voice, a deep one, serious, sweet, dynamic? Let us be the voice of your e-learning course. Bet on Trágora’s quality and professionalism.

My experience with Trágora has always been exceptional. They are professional, flexible and fast in their response to any queries. I have used their voice-over service on several occasions, requesting male or female voices in different languages, and their portfolio of voice actors, the translation, the synchronisation and the quality of the recordings has always exceeded our clients’ expectations. I strongly recommend their services.

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Independent producer

E-learning narration

Choosing a voice for your e-learning narration is a very important decision, because the students will find the course much more satisfactory if it’s recorded with a professional voice. Whatever the goal of your project, choosing a quality voice for your online course will make the difference against the competition and increase the satisfaction rate among your students.

Below are some voice artist demos for online courses, both male and female voices, because you may need a man or a woman, a teen or a child, an adult or a senior voice… We have everything you need to make your online course a success!

Examples of female voices for e-learning

Examples of male voices for e-learning

These are a few examples in some languages. Contact us to set up a voice casting for your online course. We’ll send you demos that match the style of your brand. Each project requires a certain type of voice that represents the main values of the brand and the style of your business.


E-learning voices

Do you need e-learning voices? We have the voice you’re looking for! Voice artists in over 50 languages.

Tell us about your project. Send us the script and tell us:

  1. The language or languages you need
  2. The number of voices and gender of each voice
  3. The total number of words
  4. The number of final files you need

The more information and details we have, the better we can meet your needs and budget.