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When it comes to internationalizing a video game, one of your options is to convert all content visible to the user into subtitles available in their native language to create a unique and different user experience. At Trágora we specialize in video game subtitling for multiple genres and platforms.

Many video games include subtitles in multiple languages to reach more potential foreign markets. Instead of localizing the audio (video game dubbing) the content of the dialogue of the characters speaking in the scenes is simply subtitled. We work, among others, from English to the FIGS (French, Italian, German and Spanish) and CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) languages.

Video game subtitling service

Video game subtitling service takes into account, among other things, the appropriate cultural adaptation for the target country and language, the character limit and the subtitle timestamps. For example, Spanish is approximately 30% longer than English, which means professional adapters are needed when it comes to translating and adjusting a subtitle on screen so the content is represented as faithfully as possible in the subtitles. The same thing happens in other languages, and at Trágora we always have the solution.

If you have the original dialogue list with timestamps (in SRT, STL, TXT format, etc.), send it to us and we’ll translate it to the languages you need.

After trying out 10 localisation and dubbing companies, we now rely on Trágora for most of our jobs. They are very fast, effective, and their prices are amazing.

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Game subtitling company

This is the process we follow at our game subtitling company starting with just the original video:

  1. Transcription of the original dialogue list (if you have the script, we can skip this step).
  2. Timing (spotting) the dialogue list to create the subtitle lines.
  3. Translation of the dialogue list into the languages requested adapting the content and respecting the time and character limit.
  4. Generating an SRT, STL, TXT or similar file ready to import onto the video.
  5. Our video technicians can take care of the process of embedding the subtitles into the video in the languages you need.

Do you need to translate subtitles for a video game?

If you need to translate subtitles for a video game, here are the steps to request a quote.

Write us and tell us about your project. Tell us if you need subtitles created from scratch or if you prefer us to translate an already timed dialogue list. Tell us the languages and format you want.

Our project manager will analyze the project and study the technical needs and resources we’ll need to employ to offer you the highest-quality subtitles.

We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

Game captioning

Do you need a video game to be accessible? Our video game captioning services are an excellent option to increase accessibility in the video game industry.

The main characteristics of video game captions for the deaf are the use of easy to read sources on screen, subtitles of ambient sounds, song lyrics, onomatopoeia, etc., the condensation of the subtitles to make them easier to read for deaf people, the use of different colours to identify characters, etc.

You can count on Trágora to create captions accessible to people with hearing impairment and allow your video game to be accessible to more players.

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