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Specialists in video game voice over with a repertoire of voice actors in over 50 languages and specialized translators.

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Video game voice over services

It seems you found the right partner…  Try our video game voice over services. We have over 10 years’ experience in recording video game voice over for PC, consoles, apps, Internet, social networks and all kinds of electronic devices. We offer a full repertoire of national and international professional voice artists to give a voice to your video game characters and your main narrator or narrators.

We offer video game voice over in more than 50 languages: Castilian Spanish, neutral Spanish, British English, American English, German, European French, Canadian French, Italian, European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Mandarin or Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… and many more!

Video game dubbing

We have numerous voice artists for video game dubbing ready to put their best voice forward for your project. Whether it’s full dubbing with lip and time synchronization or a game voice over narration at a normal pace with voice acting, we have the right resources to show you quality voices and quality work.

The voice artists record in their country in their home studio at professional recording studio quality. We also have agreements with recording studios in different countries to make sure your video game dubbing is in good hands.

Our video game voice artists will capture the essence of your characters and give them life through the screen. A single voice artist can use different registers to adapt to the style your brand needs. Do you need the voice of a mad wizard, a warrior, a princess, a witch, a queen? Let us give your video game a professional edge. You can count on Trágora for quality and professionalism.

My experience with Trágora has always been exceptional. They are professional, flexible and fast in their response to any queries. I have used their voice-over service on several occasions, requesting male or female voices in different languages, and their portfolio of voice actors, the translation, the synchronisation and the quality of the recordings has always exceeded our clients’ expectations. I strongly recommend their services.

Dani Trujillo

Independent producer

Video game voice over talents

Do you want to listen some of our best video game voice over talents? Below you’ll find some demos of our animation and video game voice over talents, both male and female voices, because you may need the voice of a man or the voice of a woman, the voice of a teen or the voice of a child, the voice of a middle-aged person or the voice of a senior… We have everything you need to make your project a success!

We have experience recording voices for animations, educational videos, presentations, games for children, etc. Choosing a voice for a character is a very important decision in the animation production process, as it breathes life and character into your “puppet”. Whatever the goal of your animation, choosing a quality voice will make the difference against the competition.

Examples of male and female voices for video games or animation in Spanish

Examples of male and female voices for video games or animation in different languages

These are just a few examples in a few languages. Get a video game voice over quote and tell us what you need. We can do a casting call for voices for animation. We’ll send you the demos that best match the style of your project. Each video requires a particular type of voice that represents the values and style of each character.

Video game voice over

Do you need an animation or video game voice over company? We have the voices you’re looking for! Voice artists in over 50 languages.

Tell us about your project. Send us the script and the video (if applicable) and tell us:

  1. The language or languages you need
  2. The number of voices, and the genre and style for each voice
  3. The total duration in words or minutes
  4. Each character’s minutes / words
  5. Whether you need synchronized or normally paced narration
  6. How many different audio files we need to deliver

The more information and details we have, the better we can cater to your needs and budget.

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