Subtitling services

We specialize in the creation and translation of professional subtitles.

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Our team of professional native-language subtitlers have worked in translation and subtitles for studios, television networks, government agencies, audiovisual producers and companies from diverse sectors, editing the subtitles of videos in over 10 languages for the same project.

As a subtitling services company, we offer the complete process, from the transcription of the script, timing the subtitles (spotting), the translation of the list of subtitles and editing for any video format.

We work with subtitle files in TXT, SRT, STL, EBU or any other format you may need.

Video subtitling

In order to make your company’s or your clients’ audiovisual material accessible in other languages without having to replace the original soundtrack, we can take care of these steps in the video subtitling process:

  • Transcription of the original script
  • Translation of subtitles from a subtitle file
  • Creation of a spotting list (timing subtitles)
  • Editing and mixing video subtitles

A professional, efficient service which responds to the needs of each production, whether straightforward or complex.

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Subtitling company

Our subtitling company offers the following services:

  • Film subtitles (full-length features and shorts)
  • Television and animation series subtitles
  • Documentary and docureality subtitles
  • Corporate video subtitles
  • Interview and presentation subtitles
  • Subtitles for advertising videos
  • Subtitles for e-learning courses and tutorials
  • Subtitles for YouTube videos

Translation and subtitling

If you’d like a translation and subtitling quote, the procedure is very simple:

Tell us, what do you need? To subtitle a video from scratch, time subtitles, or translate a list of already created subtitles into different languages? We’ll give you an assessment with no commitment.
We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and study the technical needs and resources we’ll need to employ to offer you the highest-quality job.
We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.
A terrific translation service, and pretty quick. They adapt to your needs and look for the best option to offer a quality result. Lucía

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Very professional, efficient and fast working, they always deliver on time. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work with Trágora. Judith Martínez


Professional subtitling services

We offer professional subtitling services. Here are a few of the languages we work with: European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, British English, American English, German, European French, Canadian French, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… and many more!

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