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A great project requires a great voice. We’re professional voice over artists and translators.

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We’ll take care of everything, you just have to tell us what you need and we’ll get to work on your project, whether it’s a professional voice for an advertisement, a narrator for a documentary, a speaker for a telephone system or several voices in different languages for a corporate video. Do you need our voice over services? We’d love to work with you! We have voice over artists and dubbing actors in over 50 languages, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We offer over 250 professional native voices (male, female, boy or girl, adolescent, etc.) who will give your project the mark of quality it deserves.

Voice over recording

Our voice over recording services include voice over for television ads and spots, radio ads, corporate videos, documentaries, phone systems, e-learning courses and tutorials, audio guides, audio books, video games and animation.

We can take care of translating scripts for voice over into any language. A global selection for your multilingual projects!




OBC focuses on online video, so we don’t really have frontiers, and that means we have to adapt our audiovisual productions to different markets and countries. Trágora gives us a comprehensive solution which really makes our everyday work easier, as they take care of both translating content and then producing voice recordings. They are fast and proactive, and always meet their deadlines (sometimes they even deliver early).

Felipe Calvente

Open Box Channel

My experience with Trágora has always been exceptional. They are professional, flexible and fast in their response to any queries. I have used their voice-over service on several occasions, requesting male or female voices in different languages, and their portfolio of voice actors, the translation, the synchronisation and the quality of the recordings has always exceeded our clients’ expectations. I strongly recommend their services.

Dani Trujillo

Independent producer

Voice over artists

Finding a voice online that fits your project is easy now thanks to our professional voice over artists. These are a few of the voice actors demos we’ve prepared so you can see the kinds of online voice over work our company can offer.

We are an agency in Mexico City, producing a wide range of video projects for well-known brands, and we have always found Tragora to be a great ally – despite the distance, they have helped us resolve our need for voice-overs, whether male or female, in different languages, with punctual deliveries, competitive prices, and great customer services.

Aressi Suástegui

2CCOM Agency

We rely on Trágora, because thanks to their translation team and their associate native speakers, they can offer the professional attention, service and results that our own company and our customers need. Also, the immediacy of their service means that Trágora is always our preferred choice.

Adrian Johson

Lemon Audiovisual

Online voice over

Find the voice you’re looking for in our repertoire of voice artists online.

Once we receive your quote request for a translation or voice over service (via email, phone or Skype), we will check through the project instructions and all the required materials. Usually we will ask you some questions. The aim is to get all the information and identify the purpose of the project.

Our team of voice talents starts work, coordinated by the project manager, who is always on hand to respond to any questions and suggestions from the talent or customer. We will prepare the pronuntiation guidelines, will made the time-sync scripting, and will give talents the intonation and style instructions you request.

A project manager will analyse the feasibility of the project (volume, complexity, deadlines, etc.) and will study the most suitable resources (specialist voice talents, translation experts, audio editing, proofreaders, etc.) in order to send you the best quote and fastest turnaround time possible.


All our services are subject to a two-step quality process. In the case of a voice over, this means that there will always be a second professional who will check the recorded text. The project manager will ensure that no detail has been overlooked and, in particular, that the project completely works in the target culture.

Once the quote has been accepted, the project manager will prepare the files so that the translators or voice talents involved are clear about the project’s purpose and so that the instructions they receive are as specific as possible. We will ensure that any information remains confidential.

Following the two-step quality control process, the project manager will thoroughly review the finalized project before signing it off for completion, and will prepare the materials for delivery, which we will then send you. We then await your confirmation of receipt and feedback on the service offered. We will only be satisfied when you are satisfied.

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