Scientific editing

We edit the English for your scientific articles, assuring their quality and success in publication.

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    Have you written a document in English to be sent to a specialized publication and need a native linguist to perform an edit for spelling, typographical and grammar error of the document before sending it in? Have you finished your thesis in another language and need an exhaustive review of the document before its presentation?

    We have the solution: scientific editing services in English by specialised professional native speakers.

    If your article has been rejected by the referees, just send us their comments and we’ll perform an exhaustive review to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Trágora is a spin-off of the University of Granada, and we work with more than 15 Spanish universities and more than 30 research centres on the review and translation of specialised documents. We’re happy to provide references.

    English scientific editing

    At Trágora we specialise in English cientific editing of texts. We know very well how much time researchers and teaching staff invest in writing an academic text in English and the importance of making sure the quality of the writing is excellent. We work hard to make sure the text reflects the effort put into it, in terms of spelling, grammar, style and writing, so it’s ready for publication in a journal or scientific publication.

    Our project managers stay in direct contact with the author of the text throughout the whole translation process, assuring the fidelity of the translation to the original document. You’ll receive the reviewer’s corrections and suggestions with change tracking as long as we receive the document in an editable format. Ask us about other formats.

    A very good professional service and a high level of quality for revisions of scientific articles in English.

    Juan Antonio Torrents Arevalo

    Researcher (Polytechnic University of Catalunya)

    English proofreading services

    All of our proofreaders are highly qualified native speakers of English specialising in different scientific disciplines.

    We follow the publication standards for specialised journals to assure the final quality of the edited scientific documents, such as:

    • Editing manuscripts in English
    • Editing papers in English
    • Editing scientific articles in English
    • Editing scientific publications in English
    • Editing theses or dissertations in English
    • Editing academic articles in English

    We also offer scientific translations for the same purpose. Click on our Scientific Translation section to find out the areas of expertise we work with.

    Get an English editing quote!

    If you need a quote for scientific English editing, the procedure is very simple:

    Send us the document or text you need reviewed, in an editable format if possible, and tell us what state it’s in (prior to publication, rejected, etc.). That way we can offer you the right service.

    We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and select a specialised translator in your area of expertise to offer you the highest-quality job.

    We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

    The quality of the revisions, translations, etc., is highly recommendable.

    Pedro Aparicio Tejo

    Researcher (Public University of Navarra)

    I am very satisfied with the English proof-reading done by Trágora, whether in scientific articles in the field of molecular biology, or in the philosophy of science. Specifically, I appreciate their quality, prices, punctual delivery and customer service.

    Jordi Gómez

    Researcher (IPB López-Neyra)

    Excelent scientific papers editing service.

    Tomás Recio

    University of Cantabria

    Academic editing

    We offer professional academic editing services as well as proofreading and editing translations.

    Our document editing service includes:

    Spelling, grammar and style editing of the document

    Assuring coherence and cohesion throughout the document

    Assuring the text conforms with the conventions of the target publication

    Our translation editing service includes the services listed above as well as:

    Comparing against the original document

    scientific editing

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