Scientific translation

Specialists in scientific translation in the areas of science, technology and humanities.

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    The scientific community has more and more demand for the service of scientific translation of specialized texts and scientific reporting documentation from professional translators willing to make sure the publication of the translation is a success.

    Here are a few of our areas of expertise in the field of scientific translation:

    • Science: biology, astronomy, agronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, mathematics, genetics, the environment, etc.
    • Technology: robotics, information technology, engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.
    • Humanities: psychology, anthropology, sociology, geography, history, art history, education, politics, etc.

    Most of our clients are scientific institutes, universities, professionals and researchers. We work mainly with the Spanish to English or English to Spanish language combinations, although we also offer other languages.

    Science translation services

    We work with specialised scientific translators who are not only licensed translators and native speakers of the language into which they translate, but also have studies in the area of expertise of the documents to be translated, so we’re certain they’re well aware of the terminology, style and purpose of our clients’ publications or articles.

    Before final delivery to the client, a careful review of the translated text is required, by a scientific text editor in order to assure the coherence and cohesion of the text and the correct use of the target language.

    If you need a science translator for English or any other language, contact us! We specialise in science translation.

    Excelent scientific papers editing service.

    Tomás Recio

    Univeristy of Cantabria, researcher

    Scientific text translation

    Scientific text translation must be performed by an expert translator with intimate knowledge of the material covered in the original text in order to understand the intricacies of scientific writing (abbreviations, scientific jargon, specific terminology, scientific reasoning, etc.).

    We have over 10 years’ experience in scientific text translation.

    • Translation of scientific publications
    • Translation of scientific articles
    • Translation of academic articles
    • Translation of research articles
    • Translation of papers and manuscripts
    • Translation of conferences and presentations
    • Translation of e-learning courses
    • Translation of scientific manuals
    • Translation of abstracts
    • Translation of theses and dissertations
    • Translation of specialised books

    At Trágora we accompany the client throughout the entire process of editing the text until its publication, from the translation of the document to the review of the translated text for changes requested by the referees, assuring the privacy of the contents at all times.


    Science translation services

    Do you need a quote for our scientific translation services?

    Send us the text you need translated and indicate which language you want it translated into. Specify the purpose and the medium where it’s going to be published and any other pertinent information.

    We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the text and check on the availability of the specialised translator who’s right for the pertinent research area.

    We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time for the translation. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive, always assuring the highest quality.

    Trágora has provided several highly specialised academic translations for me, both from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. In each case, the work was presented before the deadline. I would not hesitate to work with Trágora again, and I always recommend the company to anyone who asks. Congratulations on your professionalism and dedication.

    Victoria Stapells


    The quality of the revisions, translations, etc., is highly recommendable.

    Pedro Aparicio

    Researcher (Public University of Navarra)

    A very good professional service and a high level of quality for translation of scientific articles into English.

    María C.

    University of Granada, researcher

    Do you need editing services?

    Scientific editing services

    Papers & Manuscripts editing services

    Do you need to review the English for a scientific publication?

    Our papers & manuscripts editing services are an excellent option that will cover all your needs.

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