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    The difference between a website translation and an SEO-optimized website translation is that we have to take into account that our content isn’t directed to a single reader, but to two final consumers: the search engine and the end user. That’s why we offer professional translations done by native speakers who are experts in international search engine optimization. We work with the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

    SEO translations

    Contrary to what other translation agencies claim, SEO-optimized translations are about 80% dependent on the level of optimization of the website in its original language. If your website is optimized for SEO in the original language, we can start the content internationalization strategy taking into account critical positioning factors in target search engines, languages and countries. SEO translation is a must in your company!

    If neither the original website or texts are optimized for SEO, it’s almost impossible to translate the content, because we’ll get the same results but in another language. In this case, copywriting optimized content in the target language would be necessary. Translating from an optimized original isn’t the same as copywriting from a blank page or with badly written text. It’s important to take this factor into account when it comes to positioning a website in other languages or countries.

    That’s why any content we use in our web communication (landing pages, social network posts, PPC campaigns using ads on Facebook, Twitter or Google AdWords, etc.) must be optimized for SEO. We have to take into account all these positioning factors in order to execute a content marketing strategy (inbound) in the target language.

    We have worked with Trágora since 2007 and their response has always been highly satisfactory.



    SEO translators

    Our expert SEO translators can take care of either translating or copywriting content oriented towards SEO in the target language, but they’re different projects and have to be evaluated as different services. If you have any questions about the state of your project, we can perform an assessment prior to your project.

    Our SEO translators can take care of:

    • Translating headers (H1, H2, etc.).
    • Translating tags, categories, taxonomy, etc.
    • Translating the descriptions of projects or pages.
    • Translating image ALT text and descriptions.
    • Translating and adapting target URLs.
    • Translating user-facing content.

    The latter is a key factor for international SEO positioning, and search engines give great importance to whether the information we’re providing to readers is unique, interesting, attractive and well written.

    Get a quote for a SEO translation now!

    Do you want to work with us? Request an SEO content translation quote, the procedure is very simple:

    Send us the content you need translated and indicate the languages you wish to translate it to and the countries it will be directed toward. We’ll give you an assessment with no commitment.

    We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and study the technical needs and resources we’ll need to employ to offer you the highest-quality job.

    We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

    I have had the opportunity to use Trágora’s professional services on several occasions, for different clients. All of them have been completely satisfied. Their ability to understand the best approach for each job, their professionalism and reliability, and their turnaround time are always a guarantee of success.

    Juan Barjau

    Travel Internet Consulting

    Very professional, efficient and fast working, they always deliver on time. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work with Trágora.

    Judith Martínez


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    SEO keywords translation service

    When it comes to translating keywords for a website, it’s important to perform a research study of the habits and behaviour of the users in the market where we want to position ourselves. It’s not a matter of a literal translation, word for word, rather the translation company specializing in SEO needs a native translator with intimate knowledge of both their language and their culture, as well as taking into account important linguistic transfer details such as search trends in their country, turns of phrases or linguistic styles, etc.

    If you’re interested in a SEO keywords translation service, consider you’ll also need to use them later in the text for the website to be translated. We offer two options:

    • You give us a list of keywords in the original language and the language we’ll be working with, and we perform a study (keyword analysis) to determine whether or not they’re suited to the content we want to position. We’ll send you a list of suggestions for new keywords or change proposals before using them in the texts to be translated.
    • You give us just the list of keywords in the original language and we take care of finding their semantic equivalent with the greatest number of searches and conversion potential. Then we use them in the website texts to be translated.

    Once we have a definitive list of keywords, we create a translation memory that our SEO-specialist translators will use as they translate the website content.

    seo translation services

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