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Specialists in technical translation. 10 years of experience at your service.

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As a company specializing in technical translation, we have an expansive team of professional translators with extensive experience in multiple fields:

  • Engineering and automation
  • Electrotechnical and electronic
  • Aeronautics and naval
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Architecture and construction
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Energy and environment

Counting on translators familiarized with the technical terminology and specialized jargon is indisputably a luxury. We use assisted translation tools that assure terminological coherence and cohesion in the texts.

Technical translation services

Our technical translators can offer you a professional translation with full rigor, professionalism and timeliness. They also have training and studies in different disciplines in technical translation, allowing them to achieve the highest quality in the translated texts.

We work with over 50 languages, offering technical translation services in Castilian Spanish, neutral Spanish, British English, American English, German, European French, Canadian French, Italian, European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Mandarin or Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… and many more!

Our experience with Trágora Traducciones has been truly positive. We can talk to them in a straightforward way, and they have always been very professional in their response. Our company now works only with them, thanks to their professionalism, efficiency, and personal contact.

Gorka Leonardo

Industrial Precision Tools, S.L.

Manual technical translation

At Trágora, we specialize in manual technical translation for different fields in the industry:

  • Translation of instruction manuals
  • Translation of user manuals
  • Translation of equipment manuals
  • Translation of maintenance manuals
  • Translation of machine manuals
  • Translation of engineering manuals
  • Translation of software manuals
  • Translation of installation manuals
  • Translation of equipment manuals

We also specialize in legal translations: we’re translation professionals in the specialized areas most in demand on the market.

Technical Document Translation Services

If you need a budget for our technical document translation services, the procedure is very simple:

Send us the document or text you need translated and indicate the languages you want it in. Attach any reference material that may be useful.

We’ll assign you a project manager who will analyze the project and select a specialized translator in your field to offer you the highest-quality job.

We’ll send you a detailed quote and let you know the delivery time we need to finalize the project. Our fees and delivery times are always very competitive.

Very professional, efficient and fast working, they always deliver on time. For us, it is a pleasure to be able to work with Trágora.

Judith Martínez


Obliging, quick, and with attention to detail. It’s a great combination.

Paco Molina


It has been a pleasure to work with Trágora Traducciones. Both the translations and the voice work are done perfectly, and their customer relations are very good.

Santiago Gónzález

Arsoft SL

Technical translation company

Our technical translation company works in different disciplines. Among others, we offer:

Translations of product information

Translations of tender documents

Translations of technical documents

Translations of technical specifications

Translations of project documents

Translations of technical reports

Translations of user guides

Translations of guarantees and brochures

Translations of product licenses

Translations of expert opinions

Translations of patents

Translations of catalogues

Request a quote with no commitment, we’ll answer you in less than 24 hours.

technical translation

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