Collaboration terms and conditions

1. Every Collaborator with Trágora SCA (hereinafter “Trágora”) must follow these terms and conditions as well as the details agreed through electronic contact or any other means.
2. Collaborator means the Person, whether individual or corporate, who has been entrusted or commanded by Trágora a project, service or whatsoever; and has duly accepted it. Every Collaborator must duly comply with all his/her/its tax and legal obligations in connection with the project under the applicable Law within his/her/its country.
3. In accepting the committed task, the Collaborator does specifically guarantee that he/she/it will perform the said project or service professionally and that is skilled and trained enough.
4. Every document, file, material, data, detail or whatsoever information relating to the project or service, is solely property of Trágora or its clients and therefore cannot be used for any other purpose than performing it. All the derived exploitation rights are exclusively reserved for Trágora’s use.
5. Every document, file, material, data, detail or whatsoever information relating to the project, provided to the Collaborator will be confidential and therefore will not be able to be resent to third parties, revealed or distributed in any form. The Collaborator will not be able to use the said information for his/her/its own benefit. The Collaborator’s obligations under this Clause shall survive after
termination of the collaboration with Trágora.
6. The Collaborator will be responsible for the project or service commanded and accepted whether there is further subcontracting or not.
7. The Collaborator is hereby committed to deliver and/or perform the project or service within the form and date agreed. In case there is a delay in the delivery or he/she/it is not able to make the service the Collaborator should have to notice it to Trágora as soon as possible so the project manager can solve the problem and assign the task to another Collaborator. Delay in the delivery or unjustified abandonment or breach of contract will mean the Collaborator’s liability to indemnify Trágora for an amount equivalent to the costs and expenses incurred as a result of the delay or abandonment.
8. The Collaborator will make all the necessary modifications derived from any mistake, error or omission arisen from his/her/its execution of the task.
9. All jobs have to be delivered:
· Without spelling and grammar mistakes. In the case of a voice over recording, without pronunciation mistakes.
· Without omission of sentences, words or specific data.
· Following the spelling and grammar rules of the language the Collaborator works with (capitalization rules according to the target language; use of periods, full stops, commas, semicolons,
dashes; use of proper nouns; use of verb tenses; etc.)
· Having compared with the original to check that the proper nouns, numbers, dates and relevant data that appear have not been omitted or modified.
· Checking the proper punctuation in case that there are decimal number, measures, etc.
· Having compared with the original to check that everything has been translated/revised/recorded.
· With the style and tone that kind of text and public require and keeping the same meaning and registry as the original.
· With a coherent use of the terminology, expressions, proper nouns, verb tenses, etc., that are repeated through the document.
· With the same format as the original (referring to the type of file as well as the layout of the document). Or in the format that the project manager has asked.
· Using the reference materials provided by the project manager such as glossaries, translation memories, previous translations, webpages, reference videos, reference recordings, etc.
· Following the instructions the project manager has given by email or by any other means.
10. The Collaborator is hereby committed to adjust him/her/itself to the conditions, price and deadline freely agreed by both Parties.
11. Once finished the service, the Collaborator will send the invoice to the email address Invoices will be issued on Trágora SCA, C/ Dr. Martín Lagos 2, 1A, 18005 Granada, Spain; VAT number ESF18763177.
For an invoice to be valid in Spain and for the payment to be made, the invoice has to include the invoicing data of Trágora and the following data of the issuer:
· If it is a freelance: name, surname, address, ID number that identifies the person who is issuing the invoice like the ID card, intracommunity VAT number if it is a freelance in the EU, passport, driving license, etc.
· If it is a company: name of the company, address, ID number that identifies the company who is issuing the invoice like the VAT number, intracommunity VAT number if it is a company in the EU, the registration number in the companies’ register, etc.
· The invoice also has to include the invoice number and the date of issue.
12. Trágora makes payments 60 days after the receipt of the invoice on the 15th day each month after its correct reception, unless another agreement has been previously reached. The payments will be done through national wire transfer (only in Spain) or European wire transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers or whatsoever other payment method has been previously agreed and accepted by both Parties.
13. The Collaborator complies with the current European legislation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) as the entity in charge of the treatment of the personal data received.

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