The day has finally come! We’re all very excited here at Trágora because today we launch our new corporate image and website. And of course, the first thing we want to do is share it with you. We hope you like it! Any (constructive) criticism is welcome.

We’ve taken this decision because our logo was over 10 years old, and that was reflected visually and conceptually. Update or die, right? We chose to modernise and adapt to the latest digital market trends.

The Trágora corporate image

As you know, in Trágora we have two distinct business lines:

The same logo is used for both business lines, but with one small difference. To give you an idea, and in case you’ve forgotten, this was what our corporate translation and training school logos were like a few days ago:

logotipos antiguos trágora

The first suggestions we received from the company designing our new logo leaned towards a more abrupt change while still maintaining the same characteristics of the original logo: the orange colour and word cloud. The idea was to make the final logo more legible and tidy, so that it could adapt to different formats more easily. And we think they got it right!

logotipos nuevos trágora

We’re especially happy with the new logo in the design of our business cards, its originality can be clearly seen in the following image:

tarjetas de visita - trágora traducciones

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Trágora Traducciones’ new website

Using the new makeover as an excuse, we spent several months working on our new website, which is finally ready. The change has been radical, considering that it is was not even a responsive design (we’ve been working so hard on our other projects that we simply didn’t have the time!). The change is remarkable considering we insisted on ensuring our roots, business philosophy and values as a translation company were maintained. This was our website a few days ago:

la web anterior de trágora traducciones

And what you see is how it is now. Cleaner, responsive and a more orderly information architecture. We would love it if you took a virtual tour of our website and read about the translation and voice-over services we provide in more than 50 languages.

What do you think of our new image? And our new website? We want to hear from you!