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Looking for a Spanish translation agency in Madrid? We can help you! We work online.

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So, well, you are looking for a translation agency in Madrid. Welcome! We’re delighted that you’ve reached our website, giving us the chance to convince you that our translation company can help you achieve your internationalization goals.
Our headquarters are based in Granada, but we work entirely online and work with hundreds of customers from Madrid who are delighted with our services. Because, when it comes down to it, high-quality translation is simply a matter of choosing a good translation agency.

We choose Trágora because it’s a company that, thanks to its translation team and native voice talent partners, can offer us the support, service and professional results that both our company and our customers require.
In addition, the immediacy of their service makes Trágora our preferred option every time.

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Translators in Madrid

It’s never been easier to find translators in Madrid. Why? Because thanks to advances in technology, we can offer you professional translations in more than 50 languages and you even have a database of professional voice talents at your disposal to bring your voice over projects to life.

  • More than 10 years’ experience
  • Very competitive rates within the international market
  • Guaranteed quality assurance (we follow the ISO 17100 standard)
  • Qualified native translators and voice talents
  • Approachability, professionalism and speed
  • 24-hour availability, 365 days a year





Translation services in Madrid

These are the translation services we offer in Madrid. Contact us, we’ll be very happy to work with you or with your company.

The denonym used for people from Madrid is “madrileño” or “matritense”. Incidentally, it’s interesting to note that historically they were called “gatos” (or “cats”), due to the fact that when Madrid was conquered during the reign of Alfonso VI (known as “El Bravo”, or “the Brave”), soldiers scaled and climbed the city walls as if they were cats (with feline cunning). Interesting, right?

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the country’s business hub for the financial, economic, administrative and services industries. It’s one of the most important cities in Europe, with a population of 6 million people across the whole province.

Translation agency in Madrid