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    Your translation agency in Madrid

    Are you looking for a translation agency in Madrid? Look no further, because you’ve found it. We’ve been working in this sector for over 10 years, and over those years we’ve accumulated experience in different fields of translation and voice overs. From our translation agency in Madrid we offer legal translations, website translations, translations for mobile apps, for scripts and subtitles, and everything you need to help your business grow. We always hire native translators who are intimately familiar with the text’s target culture, assuring the quality of our translations. Some reside in Madrid, so they also know Spanish culture, an important factor for having a full understanding of the original text. We use the latest technology in the field of translation, including assisted translation programs, translation memories, glossaries, and quality control programs, to assure maximum terminological precision and the highest level of quality in our translations.

    We choose Trágora because it’s a company that, thanks to its translation team and native voice talent partners, can offer us the support, service and professional results that both our company and our customers require.
    In addition, the immediacy of their service makes Trágora our preferred option every time.

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    Translators in Madrid

    It’s never been easier to find translators in Madrid. Why? Because thanks to advances in technology, we can offer you professional translations in more than 50 languages and you even have a database of professional voice talents at your disposal to bring your voice over projects to life.

    • More than 10 years’ experience
    • Very competitive rates within the international market
    • Guaranteed quality assurance (we follow the ISO 17100 standard)
    • Qualified native translators and voice talents
    • Approachability, professionalism and speed
    • 24-hour availability, 365 days a year





    Translation services in Madrid

    These are the translation services we offer in Madrid. Contact us, we’ll be very happy to work with you or with your company.

    We serve a wide range of clients, from multinational companies to small businesses that have grown with us throughout these years and trust us for our experience and qualifications. Providing different voice over and translation services in Madrid, our clients are very diverse, from research centres to audiovisual production companies. At Trágora we’ll give you a free, personalised quote for your translations in Madrid, with rates that fit your budget and delivery times adapted to your needs, so trust us, you’re in good hands. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the political and financial centre of the nation. It’s the home of numerous business headquarters, for the most important banks and public organisms. Plus, Madrid is one of the most popular cities for tourists in Spain, so it offers many amenities, like restaurants and tourist attractions, such as the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, or the Plaza Mayor.

    The denonym used for people from Madrid is “madrileño” or “matritense”. Incidentally, it’s interesting to note that historically they were called “gatos” (or “cats”), due to the fact that when Madrid was conquered during the reign of Alfonso VI (known as “El Bravo”, or “the Brave”), soldiers scaled and climbed the city walls as if they were cats (with feline cunning). Interesting, right?

    Madrid, the capital of Spain, is the country’s business hub for the financial, economic, administrative and services industries. It’s one of the most important cities in Europe, with a population of 6 million people across the whole province.

    At Trágora, your translation agency in Madrid, we take care of translating any kind of material that Madrid generates, from restaurant menus to contracts for multinational corporations or tourist guides that will then be recorded using some of our voice artists.

    Translation agency in Madrid

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      Translation company in Madrid

      In Madrid we’ll find numerous economic activities, with the service sector playing a main role, especially with the great number of tourists who visit every year. That’s why it’s important to be able to count on a translation company in Madrid that you can trust.

      It’s clear that, being the nation’s capitol, Madrid experiences significant economic and social activity, which lead to international relations with companies or banks in other countries, which require numerous translation and voice over services in diverse languages, like English, French, German, or Chinese.

      At our translation company in Madrid we offer you a team of professionals made up of translators, editors, project managers, audio/video editors, voice artists, and IT programmers who will help you with your project.

      We start managing your projects from the first email you send us. We listen to you and offer advice concerning your options. We’re the translation company in Madrid that you need.

      Does your Madrid-based theatre company need to translate the script for a play you want to take abroad? Do you own a restaurant in downtown Madrid and want to translate the menu to different languages? Is your company headquartered in Madrid, but you’re going to globalise and need to translate several corporate documents? At Trágora we can help your project reach across borders.

      One of the best translation agencies in Madrid

      You found one of the best translation agencies in Madrid. With over 10 years’ experience behind us in the translation and voice over sector in Madrid, we offer the most in-demand services for all companies, such as e-commerce translation, which is becoming more and more importance thanks to the growth of online shopping, or e-learning translation, which more and more educational institutions and companies are demanding to satisfy the needs of customers around the world, or the translation of scripts and subtitles for corporate videos.

      From our translation agency in Madrid we also offer voice over services with voice artists from all corners of the globe to lend their voices to your projects.

      Madrid is a hub for many international companies and banks, with plenty of leisure services, like theatres, musicals, museums, and great restaurants where you can enjoy Spanish cuisine. But where would they be without good translation services? Tourists would feel lost, companies wouldn’t be able to expand across the globe, and people couldn’t enjoy amazing theatrical works: borders would be impenetrable.

      Thanks to our translation agency in Madrid, tourists can visit museums and get to know every detail thanks to audio guide translations, and then stop for a bite in one of the many restaurants Madrid has to offer with a well-translated menu.

      As you can see, translation is essential for connecting with your customers and making their lives easier. Contact us and we’ll help you out!

      In 2016, the GMP was €210.813 billion, making Madrid one of the most important autonomous communities in Spain due to its volume.

      In addition to being the nerve centre and economic hub of the country, it’s also a city that’s visited by many tourists from all over the world every year. In Madrid we’ll find the Reina Sofía Museum, the Prado Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Debod, and famous parks, like Plaza Mayor or Puerta del Sol.

      We can also check out multiple theatrical works along Madrid’s Gran Vía: comedies, musicals, one-man shows, classical dance, etc.

      If you’d like to get some fresh air, just go to Retiro Park and go for a ride in one of its famous boats. You can find all of this in the one-of-a-kind city of Madrid.

      Do you want to work with our translation agency in Madrid?

      At Trágora we’re always looking for new minds who want to join our team of expert linguists. Madrid is a city full of work opportunities for linguists, where the largest international companies converge, which generates a huge demand for translation, editing, and voice-over work in multiple languages.

      Are you a freelance translator, editor, or voice artist interested in joining our team? Just send us your CV, and when we have projects that fit your profile, we’ll get in touch with you.

      When you send your CV, don’t forget to add your language combinations, fields of expertise, and your contact information, as well as any information you think is appropriate, such as your professional experience and education.

      Many translators do not add a social networking section to their CVs, but at Trágora we encourage you to do so, as it’s a powerful communication tool you have to know how to use to your advantage.

      You should also add the city where you live. If you live in Madrid and we need a sworn translation for Madrid, the first thing we’ll do is look for sworn translators in Madrid to make the process smoother.

      When you write us, it’s also a good idea to let us know your fees so we can take those into account when a project comes up that matches your profile.

      We look forward to working with you!