Are you looking for voice over production services? Don’t waste your time sifting through hundreds of voice artists to find the voice artist you need for your project. At Trágora we have an ideal solution for you. You tell us what you need and we’ll offer you demos for the audio visual voice artists who best fit your needs and your budget. Once a voice artist is chosen, we’ll deliver you the voice over ready to use for your videos.

Voice over production services in over 50 languages

We offer voice over production services in a wide variety of languages, including:

  • European languages (Spanish, British English, German, French, Dutch, etc.)
  • Languages from the Americas (American English, Argentine Spanish, Colombian Spanish, etc.)
  • Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
  • Etc.

Ask us about the language you need, we’re sure we can offer a solution that’s right for you. You can also listen to some online voice over demos from voice over artists in several languages on our website.

Professional voice over production services for all kind of projects

We work with audio visual voice artists with experience in all kinds of profesional voice over production services:

  • Voice artists for Internet
  • Voice artists for radio (ad spots)
  • Voice artists for TV or film
  • Voice artists for DVDs for expos and conferences
  • Voice artists for PowerPoint presentations
  • Voice artists for advertisements
  • Voice artists for corporate videos and presentations
  • Voice artists for documentaries
  • Voice artists for reports
  • Voice artists for animations, cartoons, and video games
  • Voice artists for e-learning courses
  • Voice artists for audio books and audio guides
  • Voice artists for telephone systems and PA systems

Our roster of professional voice artists is made up of male and female voices of all registers: grave, deep voices, close, natural voices, young, dynamic voices, etc. Tell us what you need: at Trágora we can get it for you.

Voice over production company

We’re a voice over production company with over 10 years’ experience, so our voice artists are available to record your script at any time. We’ll take care of the whole process:

  • Casting voice artists for the project
  • Selection of the demos that are best suited to the client
  • Negotiation with voice artists according to the job specifications
  • Script preparation for voice over and instructions for the voice artists
  • Translation and adaptation of the script to the desired languages
  • Control and supervision of the voice over recording
  • Receipt of the recording and review of the voice over
  • Cleaning and editing the audio
  • Mixing and mastering (music, effects, etc.)
  • Delivery of the final voice over to the client

We do all the work for you, saving you time and money, because we want to make sure the cost of audio visual voice over production is always as tight as possible (of course, we’re not referring to cheap voice overs, but economical voice overs). Get a free VO quote now.