Choosing voice over talents for your audiovisual productions is now a simple task thanks to our online voice over services.

Among the different audiovisual products we find a variety of types: industrial videos, corporate videos, institutional videos, product presentations, internal training videos, etc. These productions share the characteristic that voice overs tend to be an off-screen voice, which may be accompanied by music or sound effects.

What makes a good voice over talent

A good voice over talent for voice over work is one who transmits the contents without being monotone. To do so, the voice artist needs to respect the pauses, the tone, the punctuation and the coherence of the text they’re reading. Depending on the type of production, deep voices may be advisable, because they lend gravitas and a sense of security to the voice over, or higher voices, ideal for offering a fresher note to the project. The same voice over talent may use different registers to adapt to the type of video being recorded. Different types of voice over talents are used depending on whether it’s a voice over for a corporate video, a commercial voice over, a narration for documentaries, or an e-learning narration.

When making the recording, the voice over talent has to pay particular attention to making sure the narration is clear and any music is mixed in well to give the narrator centre stage. The voice over talent plays a central role in the process.

Currently, online voice over talents’ agencies offer demos in different languages. Trágora is one of them, and we want to be a part of your project. We are experts in voice over production services.

Voice over talents in multiple languages

In a certain kind of international project, audiovisual productions are produced in different languages to reach a wider audience. The recording studio can take care of the translations and voice overs with different voice over talents in multiple languages or just the latter if the client provides the translated texts. If recording studios offer translation services, they have to promise to offer quality work as this is fundamental to obtaining a good voice over and as a result, a good final audiovisual product.

As far as the production you want to create, you can select the most suitable voice over talent, always assuring that they’re a professional in the field of voice overs.

Voice over talent can record in their home countries with the quality of a professional studio. Or in other cases, the agencies can establish agreements with recording studios in different countries.

Voice over talents for online videos

If what your company needs is voice over talents for online videos, you’re in luck, because we’re specialists in the recording of voice overs for videos for businesses or corporate videos. Advertising voice overs have their own characteristics and play a decisive role when it comes to convincing the viewer of the quality of a product or service.

On the websites companies use to offer these types of services, there are examples of voice over talents for online videos, male voices, female voices, teenage, boy or girl voices. In order to choose the voice over talent best suited to each type of project, the client needs to provide as much information as possible about the project.

The voice over talents’ equipment

In order to record a voice over for a video at professional quality, the right voice over talent equipment needs to be used:  fully equipped recording booths, sound-proofed with the necessary acoustic treatment for this type of voice over. In these cases, recording equipment, the microphone and especially the mic preamp are imperative for reaching optimal results.

As pointed out earlier, recordings can be made by visiting a recording studio or recording the voice over in a home studio. Depending on the studio, voice overs can also be done, for example, using Skype or ISDN. These online systems facilitate quality voice over recording from any voice over talent in any language, no matter their location. This way, we can hire professional voice over talents and record them from their country of origin in real time using ISDN.

Considerations from a voice over talent

When organising a voice recording for an audiovisual production, you need to make some preparations to avoid issues or delays in the recording. The voice over talent will take into account some considerations to get the best recording quality.

One of the first things to take into account is reviewing the script and asking the client any questions concerning intonation, register, style, rhythm, etc. That way you can avoid later changes that would also add production costs.

It’s important to measure the times and the length of the text. You have to determine whether the text to be read can be narrated effectively in the predetermined amount of time. In this case, the voice over talent can adapt the speed of the reading to the text provided. However, you have to be careful not to lose the expressiveness and the tone, which may suffer in quality. In these cases, it’s preferable to cut part of the text or summarize the message to provide more time for the voice over talent.

Voice over talents for documentaries

The documentary genre is one of the most attractive work prospects for voice over talent, because the narration takes a central role in the transmission of content. The voice over talent may be the messenger delivering the experiences, the reflections, or the discoveries that are expressed. So it’s of fundamental importance to have the right registers in these cases.

That’s why documentary producers go through a careful selection process to choose those voice over talents who most faithfully communicate the different sensations and experiences. This selection process begins the voice over recording process that can take months, as the different chapters are edited.

Voice over talents for educational projects

Another interesting facet of audiovisual projects are those designed to be educational or e-learning material. Audio recordings, videos, or multimedia training material are some of the formats for transmitting educational content using a professional voice over talent.

Today, different communication formats are used in e-learning education to bring content both to students and to teachers. Some examples include audio recordings for textbooks, both in Spanish and other languages, or the production of educational videos suitable for syllabuses, among other materials. In each of these, voice over talent becomes a fundamental tool. The materials produced for educational publishers today are innumerable: audio CDs, short films, original songs and covers, audio books, etc.

When hiring a company that offers integrated voice over services, as well as services associated with a voice over work, professional services, creativity and quality guaranteed. Ask for a quote for recording your script with our voice over talent now and receive a response right away.