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    Contact us for a professional translation quote or a voice over recording job. We would be pleased to help you! Thank you for considering Trágora as your preferred VO and translation vendor.

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    translation quote

    If you’re here it’s because you need a voice-over or translation quote. Request a quote with no obligation. Receive a response in less than 24 hours.

    What is a translation quote?

    A translation quote is quite simply an estimate of the cost of a service and a presentation of the conditions for providing that service. In our case, we’re a translation and voice-over company, so we can send you a quote for those services immediately.

    Whether you need to translate a website, a documentary, technical or specialised documents, subtitle a video, etc., or you need to record a voice-over from a script for a corporate video, a telephone answering system, or an advertisement, Trágora is the perfect partner for you. Request a voice-over or translation quote with no obligation.

    The best thing is to send us an email with the files you want translated and tell us about your project so we can estimate a price and delivery time.

    How to request a translation quote

    As is common in other areas, there are variables that determine the price of a translation. We’ll give you some keys for requesting a translation quote:

    Translation quote and word count

    First, we do a word count for the text to be translated. Translating a 1000-word document isn’t the same as translating a 20,000-word website or a 100,000-word technical manual. On the other hand, if you need a transcript or subtitles for a video, in this case a minute count is used. At Trágora we take repeats and word volume into account when applying discounts to the final price.

    Translation quote and file format

    The most economical format for translating a text is Word or similar, however, we can also translate from other formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, etc. If the translation project requires further layout services, we’ll specify this in the quote.

    Translation quote and language requested

    The quote is calculated in terms of the languages and amount of languages. The most common languages are the so-called EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish). The less-common languages have slightly higher rates for translation than those, such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. Of course, we offer translation services in over 50 different languages.

    Translation quote and target

    There are general translations targeted toward the general public; however, there are specialised translations whose targets are other professionals in the same field. According to this factor, the degree of specialisation of the text is taken into account. Specialised translations (medicine, pharmaceutical, engineering, legal, etc.) require highly experienced professionals in the subject matter to obtain a quality translation. In fact, one of the most important things to take into account is that specialised texts usually included images, many numbers and figures, tables, footnotes, comments, etc. Don’t worry about that, at Trágora we’re specialists in the translation of these kinds of documents and we’re very aware of this fact.

    Translation quote and delivery time.

    We offer a standard delivery time according to the type of translation project; however, we also offer urgent translations for all kinds of projects. As a reference, according to quality standard UNE EN 15038, all translations must be reviewed by a person other than the translator; therefore, to professionally translate a 2000-word text requires two professionals, the translator and the reviewer, and each one must dedicate at least 8 hours to the task depending on the degree of specialisation of the text. For your peace of mind, we always fulfil the delivery times we agree upon with our clients.

    If you’re interested in more information, we recommend this article from Emprendedores Magazine about how much it costs to translate a document.

    How to request a voice-over quote

    To request a voice-over quote we also have to take into account certain variables that will affect the final price of the recording.

    Voice-over quote and distribution

    It’s important to know that there are different kinds of voice-overs, such as for example voice-overs for corporate videos, voice-overs for e-learning courses, voice-overs for television ads or radio spots (radio commercials), etc.

    According to the type of voice-over, the distribution will be different and the price may vary given that, for example, a voice-over for a television ad may require the payment of voice and broadcast rights according to the television networks, the countries they’re broadcast in, and the screen time. However, for any voice-over for the Internet or internal use, prices are much more economical.

    Voice-over quote and duration

    The duration of a voice-over is calculated based on the word count of the text of the script to be voiced to calculate the final recording minutes or in the number of minutes in the original video. These parameters are taken into account whether the voice-over has to be synchronised with the image or not.

    Voice-over quote and synchronisation

    If the voice-over to be recorded does not require synchronisation, all it needs is a narration at a normal pace, we charge a rate per minute recorded for the voice-over. A minute of voice-over at a normal pace in Spanish is usually calculated as 130-150 words depending on the speed of the narration. It’s important to know that this can vary substantially in other languages. If the voice-over is synchronised with an original video or audio to fit perfectly into the project already created and edited, the prices is calculated according to the number of minutes for the final video (including silences and pauses).

    Voice-over quote and language

    As is the case with translations, when it comes to creating a professional voice-over, we have to take into account the language the recording is requested in. Voice artists in EFIGS languages tend to be more economical than voice artists in Scandinavian or Asian languages. However, we have international voice artists in our roster of voices at incredible prices.

    Voice-over quote and voice artist

    When you ask for a voice-over quote we’ll send you several demos that may match your project according to the project specifications. Generally, voice artists who have more experience and renown in the sector (who’ve lent their voices to large brands, for example) usually charge a higher fee than voice artists with less experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better or worse. We always try to make sure the fee matches your project and your budget, so we always offer professional voice artists with experience at very competitive prices.

    With over 10 years in the professional translation and voice-over sector, at Trágora we cover over 50 language combinations and work in multiple fields of specialisation.